Neo-Terran 1st Fleet: Based at Polaris
Neo-Terran 2nd Fleet: Based at Regulus
Neo-Terran 3rd Fleet: Based at Sirius

I've set up the NTF fleets this way because of the "domino effect" that was referred to in the Neo-Terran Front" entry in the tech database. Polaris was the first to fall to the NTF. The next system on the jump node map was Regulus, which lay between Polaris and Sirius. For there to be a domino effect, the things have to fall in order. Thus, I reasoned that since Regulus fell before Sirius, Regulus should be the base of the 2nd Neo-Terran Fleet and Sirius should be the base of the 3rd Neo-Terran Fleet.

Once the NTF was able to push into Alpha Centauri, Deneb and Epsilon Pegasi, it's reasonable to assume that Bosch had several months to use the manufacturing facilities on Polaris, Regulus and Sirius to churn out more ships for the NTF fleets. As for the people to crew these ships, Bosch had no shortage of potential recruits or conscripts. Polaris, Regulus and Sirius were heavily populated Terran planets with millions, maybe even billions, of disaffected and fanatical members of the "Lost Generation."

With this resource base, I think it is reasonable to say that Bosch created new NTF fleets to manage the campaigns in Alpha Centauri, Deneb and Epsilon Pegasi. And so….

Neo-Terran 4th Fleet: Based at Deneb
Neo-Terran 5th Fleet: Based at Alpha Centauri
Neo-Terran 6th Fleet: Based at Epsilon Pegasi

Some of you will notice that I put the NTF 6th Fleet in Epsilon Pegasi. You might also have noticed that the GTVA also has its 6th Fleet in Epsilon Pegasi. Coincidence? Or did I do it deliberately?

Information kindly provided by Su-tehp of FREDZone

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