2261: Sub-Space discovered by Professor James Whiteside

2262, August 12th: First successful subspace jump to delta serpentis by the Pioneer ship "Gaia"

2263-4: Sub-Space travel is quickly utilized by GTA PCT - Provisional Cooperation Treaty. Most Nation States with a high industrial capacity cooperate on a massive building programme to create subspace capable ships to carry a sizeable colonisation fleet beyond Delta Serpentis.

2311: Near by systems fully colonized, Antares system and other border systems have automated science outposts. Final Unification of earth govornments into the infant GTA. While the early GTA was more akin to an expanded United Nations, it was more concerned with domestic issues that military concerns.

2318: First Vasudan Contact - Communication failiures frustrate both sides.

2320: Large scale distribution of Terran/Vasudan translation device to both cultures. Several High level Terran officers commence a soft campaign against the rest of the security council.

Sept 2320-nov 2320: Several Terran attacks on vasudan assets cause outrage on vasuda prime. Orders to the patrols cannot be traced by Intelligence.

2321: 14 Year War Begins (V-T war)

2333: The first Typhon class destroyers enter service. The Vega Engagement leads to the destruction of the GTD Eisenhower and 4th fleet at the hands of the PVD and its fleet.

2335(January 8): Operation Thresher begins. Declared a failure two days later. This is the last major battle of the 14 Year war.

2335(January 18): Shivans make presence known. Final cease-fire purposed by the PVE.

2335(May 22nd): Destruction Of the Lucifer over sol, isolation of sol and the beginning of the reconstruction era

2336: Several Systems fragment forming their own political entities

2338: Khonsu II Ascension

2345: The Galactic Terran-Vasudan Alliance formed, project Colossus begins. Re-absorption of system-states. Terran recovery still lags behind vasudan owing to the lack of strong leadership in the councils.

2350: First Deployment of beam cannons on a mothballed GTD Orion.

2366: NTF Rebellion Begins - Admiral Bosch initiated a coup in Polaris, Deneb, Epsilon Pegasi, steals the NTF Iceni and most of the 4th fleet defects. GTVA immediately places economic sanctions on the rogue worlds and instigates subspace node blockades while the contruction of fleet ships is ramped up.

14th November 2366: NTF presence detected in gamma draconis, modified Aeolus class cruiser and a fighter wing sent to patrol node.

16th November 2366: Rakshasa class cruiser and several wings of maras appear through the subspace knossos portal, detroying the cruiser. GTVA command deploys the GTC carthage and the GVCv Dashor with Alpha wing from the GTC Aquataine to neutralise the immediate threat.

22nd november 2366: First combat deployment on the GTVA Colossus, a super-capital class juggernought.

25th novermber 2366: NTD Repulse destroyed by GTVA colossus, NTF forces being large scale retreat. Turning point in the civil war.

1st December 2366: GVD Psamptik encounters a 6km shivan vessel beyond the second Knossos portal.

5th December 2366: SJ Sathanas gains entry into GTVA space after the attempted detruction of the subspace node. Intelligence recon flights show massive shivan forces encroaching on GTVA space, In desperation GTVA Command deploys meson destroyers to epsilon pagasi and vega to trap the shivans at capella.

10th december 2366: Destruction of GTVA colossus by a sathanas class juggernought. Reasons cited for this loss was the will of the crew, who refused to retreat and attempted to hold the shivans until the Bastion reached the capella jump node.

2367: Battle of Capella (FS2)

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