List of Vasudan planets:

1st Battle Group: Aldebaran (it's the Vasudan capital since Vasuda Prime was obliterated)
2nd Battle Group: Vasuda
3rd Battle Group: Altair
11th Battle Group: Alpha Centauri (CP5670 and Cetanu, take note of this in your missions if you need to.)
13th Battle Group (CONFIRMED): Based at Deneb

List of Terran planets but guarded by Vasudan Battle Groups:

4th Battle Group: Ikeya
5th Battle Group: Ribos
6th Battle Group: Adhara
7th Battle Group: Antares
8th Battle Group: Beta Cygni
9th Battle Group: Betelgeuse
10th Battle Group: Procyon A
12th Battle Group: Bernard's Star

Keep in mind, this is a fleet organization that exists from the formulation of BETAC in 2358 and into the events of FS2. (I'm not even going to try to figure out how the fleets were organized in FS1; there are just too many inconsistencies to try.

Information kindly provided by Su-tehp of FREDZone

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