In 2335, The Terran-Vasudan War entered its fourteenth year. The Galactic Terran Alliance (GTA) and the Parliamentary Vasudan Navy (PVN) were noth exhausted, demoralised, and on the verge of internal collapse.

The invasion of a mysterious species, designated the Shivans, compelled Terran and Vasudan leaders to sign an armistice and form a new alliance. Using advanced weaponry and shields, the Shivans attacked without provocation and without warning.

The allies aqcuired and developed new technologies to confront the menace. At the vanguard of the Shivan armada was the SD Lucifer, a massive superdestroyer. The Lucifer exterminated all life on Vasuda Prime and set course for Earth. No weapon in the allied arsenal could penetrate the lucifer's shields.

In the Altair system, Vasudan scientists uncovered the ruins of an extinct civilisation destroyed by the Shivans eight thousand years ago. The artifacts explained how to track the Lucifer into subspace where its shields would not function. In subspace, the Lucifer could be destroyed.

From the Delta Serpentis system, a squadron launched from the GTD Bastion pursued the Lucifer into the Sol jump node. These fighters and bombers had to destroy the Lucifer's reactors before the superdestroyer extinguished all life on Earth.

According to declassified transmission, the mission succeeded. However, the explosion of the Lucifer created a subspace cataclysm that collapsed the Sol jump node, severing all contact between Earth and the other systems of Terran-Vasudan space.


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