The Galactic Terran-Vasudan Alliance was formed in 2345, ten years after the Great War. This treaty organization recognized the autonomy its constituents as it provided a framework for trade and mutual defense. The Great War had transformed the enmity between Terrans and Vasudans into a lasting fellowship.

As the Industry and Economy of the T-V systems recovered, support for a more powerful GTVA gained momentum. In 2358, delegates signed into existence the Beta Aquilae Convention (BETAC), named after the system where the constitution was drafted and ratified. BETAC dismantled the governments of the Terran blocs and recognized the General Assembly, the Security Council and the Vasudan Imperium as the supreme authorities of T-V space.

Under BETAC, the Vasudans and the Terrans maintain separate fleets under a single command structure. A warship is designated GT or GV, indicating whether it is Galactic Terran or Galactic Vasudan. The two species openly exchange information and technology, and the most recent fighters and bombers can be modified to accommodate pilots of either species.

Technically, BETAC is but one of a series of conventions and treaties that define how the GTVA functions as a political, military, and economic entity.


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